This name came to me about a year or two ago when I was toying with the idea of opening a clothing boutique. The name has a special meaning to me that I’d love to share with you...
There once was a little boy in Germany who lived in the midst of Nazi rule during World War II. He had a very simple life with his family and appreciated the little things, even the smallest crust of bread. In the summers, he would work on a farm and after about a week of hard work his payment would only be 1 bag of potatoes that he would take home to his family. They lived on very, very little. When this boy was 15 years old he and his family made a plan to escape East Germany to live peacefully and freely in America. The journey was a very difficult one, but with some huge miracles, they were all able to make it to America to live together in this free country.  
This 15-year-old boy grew up, met and married his wife, and built a home with land big enough for horses and a small herd of buffalo. He raised his buffalo for about 40 years. He truly lived the American dream, his dream! He and his wife had 8 children and among them turned out to be the love of my life and my best friend, my husband, Toby.  

My father-in-law, Klaus Goeckeritz is a true German cowboy! He passed away in 2020 but his legacy will live on forever. Every time I see a buffalo it reminds me of him. He was such a hard worker, he knew what he wanted and he went after it. What a beautiful life he made for his family.

The white Buffalo is extremely rare and is very sacred among the Native Americans. I chose to name my boutique after the white Buffalo. Hoping it too will be unique, different and in its own way stand out among the rest.

The Story behind the Blonde Buffalo

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My essentials

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I love old musicals like My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly, Newsies, and The Music Man. But, my most favorite movies are the ones starring Julia Roberts.

Old Musicals

I’m a hat and hoodie girl. I love beanies and really any kind of hat!

Hats & Hoodies

If I went back to school, I'd probably become an interior or architectural designer.

Old Homes

I’ve been a dance teacher and I judge High School Cheerleading. 

Dance & Cheer

I love jumping in rain puddles with my girls. I also love playing the guitar when I have the time. 


I love my Created for You hair care box! Tami put so much thought and care into each product she chose for me. And the box and packaging are beautiful! Mine included the Amika Velveteen Dream ( I’m an Amika fan now!) and a Nano Thermic square brush that works so well on my medium-length, wavy hair. It’s so much fun discovering new products with Tami’s recommendations and she is spot on!

Ordering one of Tami’s hair boxes was such a treat! I wanted to try some new products but I didn’t know where to start or what would be best for my hair. Tami picked me out some fun products and I especially LOVE the way they smell!! Thank you Tami for the fun surprises and introducing me to new products!

I have purchased several Created By Tami hair boxes, and each one has been amazing. The products are so good, and customized for my hair needs. Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take the guesswork out of hair care shopping, or just wants some fabulous products without the hassle.

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