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Salt and Pepper

These two little girls bring us so much happiness! Age 8 and 5 and I wish I could freeze them at these ages a little longer. These two little girls couldn’t be more opposite, not in just their looks but in their temperament too. Miss Sloane our blonde bombshell is so much fun but can be quite the dominant personality and a little bit crazy, she is always up to something, she is loud and says the funniest things. Even though she is the little sister she has a tendency to boss everyone around. Presly is so fun, compassionate and sweet, she is nurturing, patient and very loving. Together they make the perfect pair. I love watching them play together. They make life so fun!

We finally got some rain here in California and we decided to take full advantage of the perfect puddles for jumping. Our neighborhood is gorgeous right now with all the gigantic leaves that have now mostly all fallen to the ground. We love this time of year. I’m Feeling so grateful for days like today!

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